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Through an holistic attitude and a drive for promoting critical engagement and intellectual dignity in the field of graphic design, Gute Process explores contemporary design issues and promotes the best design work through long-form essays, critiques and profiles on designers.

Gute Process is published by a board of editors and advisors who share the belief that the design field needs a more meaningful discourse; its ultimate goal is to create a community where intelligent and informed exchange of ideas can happen through the promotion of critical attitude, reflection and understanding of the complexity of the design field.

Editorial board

  • Michael Klein Founder, Editor-In-Chief
  • Alberto Arlandi Co-founder, Executive Editor
  • Davide Dutto Illustrations
  • Nicola-Matteo Munari Advisor
  • Iris Engberg Advisor

Technical details

Text set in Univers Next and Plantin. Gute Process runs on node.js, with the help of zepto.js.