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Estudio Husmee

  • From
    San Sebastián, Spain
  • Founded
  • Size
    3 people

A feeling of anxiety about the contemporary scene of graphic design urged Alain Villastrigo and Ernesto Arnáez to create Estudio Husmee! (“husmear” literally translates to “snooping”, looking curiously), which, along its design studio activity, promotes lots of side initiatives, such as a cultural magazine, events, interventions and exhibitions collaborating with friends and professionals.

Timeless, an exhibition of posters to pay homage to Massimo Vignelli held in 2015 in San Sebastián and Barcelona, is a remarkable example of this commitment.

As stated by their manifesto, they’re people looking for something that stimulates and lights minds and hearts, something that belongs to our time and place, looking for projects to be open for as many people as possible. «Our heart is in one hand and our mind in the other, and we want to make both of them happy»