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    Tokyo+Gifu, Japan
  • Founded
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    2 people

From the designer's website:

«Kamimura is a creative studio established to contribute to society by designing. We have been supporting companies and brands comprehensively as a professional of visualization. Our main work is to plot the strategy of visual communication and make it concrete. We design things for making the world a better place: a logo as the face of a company, a typeface as the voice of a brand, products, and other communication tools as well. What is important for us while we design is innovation, practicality, creativity and honesty. The ideal for us is the design which is not just shapes but is embodied of visions and spirits. We always aim to create the best design for our clients.

We believe that genuine design makes people happy and makes the world better. It's the most important principle of our studio to contribute to the world through the good design.»