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Issue No. 02


“If we really want to be designers of our time, we should avoid mistaking fads for cultural revolutions again, and perhaps being to wonder what are the best principles of the past to bring into the future.”

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  • Readability of the letter o

    With the recent resurgence of geometric sans serif typefaces, understanding how history shaped the letters we print today allows the designer to make better choices.

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  • On curiosity and experimentation

    What exactly is experimentation? Is there many kinds or just one? Contributing editor Paolo Caracciolo tries to clarify the relationship between experimenting and process.

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“You don’t need to limit yourself to one medium. I would even prefer to be not limited at all.”
Anna Rieger

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  • Ben Vautier

    Discover the project by Büro 146
  • Terence Woodgate

    Discover the project by Charlie Smith Design


  • Editor-In-Chief
    Michael Klein

    Executive Editor
    Alberto Arlandi

    Davide Dutto
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