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The clients

Issue No. 04


“The more we keep considering us and the clients as two opposite poles the more we’re adding fuel to the fire. The real clients of our projects are the users, the public: the ones who make the most out of our services.”

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  • Educating entrepreneurs

    What is the relationship between design and entrepreneurship? Looking at famous examples, Editor-In-Chief Michael Klein reasons on what makes good entrepreneurs good designers.

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  • Balancing a duet

    Contributing editor Davide Dutto explores the balance between clients and designers, taking a look at the impact parasites have on this musical duo and how a lost equilibrium can be restored.

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“A definite plus of working independently is the ability to fully shape your own working culture”
Sean Wolcott

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  • Redesign Przywództwa

    Discover the project by Andrzej Santorski
  • Artek Helsinki

    Discover the project by Tsto


  • Editor-In-Chief
    Michael Klein

    Executive Editor
    Alberto Arlandi

    Davide Dutto
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